Fixing & Pre-Production Services

We provide pre-production services for your productions.


  • Film Fixing for foreign media
  • Film Licensing & KWS Permits
  • Ground Handling & Accommodation Booking
  • Import & Customs
  • Wildlife Film Cars
  • Aerial Transports

Production Services & Film Crew

We have a full inhouse production crew. Therefore we have a very fast reaction time and can assist you with reactive shoots which requires a spontaneous and fast schedule.


Our Film Crew:

  • Wildlife Camera Operator
  • KCAA Licensed Drone Operator
  • Emmy nominated Production Sound Recordist
  • Producers / Directors
  • DIT Services

Wildlife Film Cars

We have a fleet of custom built filming vehicles equipped with balcony doors, roof hatches, sliders, mounting poles and four 100 Ah deep cycle batteries.


The vehicles are equipped as below:

  • Different balcony door options, half, full, low-angle, high-angle, mixed
  • Front mounting pole for a Shotover, Ronin or GoPro
  • Four 100 Ah deep cycle batteries for charging camera equipment
  • all vehicles can be individually modified depending on shooting requirements

Drone Operators

We have our inhouse KCAA licensed drone operator. He has over ten years experience of flying drones all over the world. We will offer the full service package for your production



  • Drone Licenses, KCAA Clearance
  • KWS licenses for flying in KWS managed parks and reserves
  • Inhouse DJI Mavic 3 Classic
  • Inhouse DJI Mavic 3 Cine
  • Inhouse FVP Drones
  • Experienced Wildlife Drone Operator
  • Experienced FVP Drone Operator

Post Production Services

Our inhouse team can help you with post shoot production services like DIT, file transfers, rough editing, color grading, post stabilization and sound recording (ADS).



We offer the following post production services:

  • DIT / Data transfer services
  • Editing Services
  • Color Grading
  • Stabilization Services
  • Sound Recording (ADS)

Ground Handling Services

Due to our fifteen years of experience in the tourism sector, we have built a trust worthy network of partners here in Kenya. We have contacts to accommodations all over the country and work with Kenya’s best airlines and helicopter charters. We do also have contacts to boats at the costs.


  • different accommodation standards all over Kenya
  • Direct contact to domestic Airlines
  • Helicopter Charter and Private Airline Charters
  • Different boats available at the Kenyan Coast
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