Shooting Locations

We filmed in over 20 countries so far...

As we are specialized in wildlife, outdoor and adventure productions, we have been able to film in over 20 countries worldwide. Most of our productions are wildlife or fishing related and produced in harsh, tropical environments such as the tropical rainforests of South America or the remote islands of the South Pacific.


Passion Planet Ltd – NDA – Long Lens, Drone, Run’n’gun, Timelapse, Hyperlapse, Remote shoot on foot

Wildstar Films Ltd – NDA – Drone, long lens – Stock footage

Clooney Foundation for Justice – NDA – Drone, run’n’gun

Passion Planet Ltd – NDA – Long Lens, Drone, Gimbal, run’n’gun

Disney+; National Geographic “Secrets of the Elephants” ***Emmy Nominated – Critics Choice Award Winner  – International Wildlife Film Festival Winner*** – Long Lens, Wide-angle, Timelapse, Camera Trapping, Ground Handling, IR Camera & Lighting, Rigging, Remote shoot on foot

NETFLIX – Hidden Lives of Pets***5 Daytime Emmy Nominations – Outstanding Cinematography*** Long Lens, run’n’gun documentary style, Gimbal, “Communication”

Clooney Foundation for Justice – The Albies Awards – Samburu Girls’ Foundation – Hand-held, run’n’gun, Director of Photography

iTV – The Secret Lifes Of Our Pets – Long Lens, run’n’gun documentary style, Gimbal – Season 1, Episode 1

BBC Science Unit – “Spectacular Earth” – 2nd camera, camera assistant, DIT – Hand-held, wide-angle

The Global Fund – “Carolyne: Fighting for What Counts” – run’n’gun documentary style

“Monster Fish” – Japanese TV Production – Drone footage – Suriname 

Masai Mara February

Camera: Andreas Knausenberger

Drone Showreel

Drone Pilot: Andreas Knausenberger

Elephant Showreel

Productions - Wildlife & Documentaries

Lumo Conservancy & Lions Bluff Lodge

Our latest production about the Lumo Community Wildlife Conservancy and the Lions Bluff Lodge in the Tsavo Eco System. Camera/Drone: Andreas Knausenberger, Sound: Lee Smith, Pictures: Saiba Sehmi, Narrator: Fareed Khimani


Aired on: YouTube

An Elephant Away

“An Elephant Away” takes place in one of Africa’s most iconic landscapes. The Amboseli Eco System where Isiah, a young farmer, and “Three Holes” an elephant matriarch are struggling to coexists in a fragmented landscape.

Aired on / available on: 

Amazon Prime Video – US

World Premiere – Official Selection “Wildlife Conservation Film Festival 2023”

Shompole Hide

We produced a short video about one of the most productive photography hides in Kenya. The Shompole Hide. The video shows the amazing photographic opportunities for wildlife photographers.


Aired on: YouTube

The Unfathomable Virus

The Unfathomable Virus was our first documentary production, showing the massive effects of COVID to the communities and the wildlife.



Aired on: Aljazeera, DSTV, NTV, People Weather, WaterBear Network

Light for Life!

This short documentary shows David Mascall, founder of “Light for Life” and his fight agains retaliated killings of Lions, Leopards and other predators. His light systems successfully protect Massai homesteads agains attacks on livestock at night. A wonderful initiative to protect Africa’s remaining wild predators.


Aired on: YouTube

Productions - Fishing Shows

Wild Pacific Coast!

One of the most remote fishing spots in the world. The Pacific Coast of Colombia offers a fantastic tuna fishing offshore as well as some productive inshore fishing. Catching big Cubera Snapper, Rooster, Jacks and Tarpon.


Aired on: Amazon Prime Video, Sky,, Trend Sports

Land of Giants 4.0!

Our guys experienced an incredible GT popping trip in Kenya this March! They caught 48 GT over 20kg with the biggest fish weighing 63, 61 and 55kg! Plenty of fish between 30 and 50kg as well! Kenya is right now the best GT popping spot in the world! 


Aired on: Amazon Prime Video, Sky,, Trend Sports

Welcome to Doggy Island

Far away in the middle of the Banda Sea in Indonesia lies a hidden island chain with one of the best sport fisheries in the world. This film documents the amazing fishing at Lucipara Islands!


Aired on: Amazon Prime Video, Sky,, Trend Sports

Return to Eden!

Finally we got back to Gabon’s Loango National Park in search of some of the biggest fish in West Africa. 



Aired on: Amazon Prime Video, Sky,, Trend Sports

Screaming Reels

The first episode of an amazing adventure, fishing for monster fish in South America!



Aired on: Amazon Prime Video, Sky,, Trend Sports

Fishing Gabon

This teaser shows the adventure of catching monster fish in Gabon from the shore, fishing with lures and popping rods. An amazing fishing adventure to Africa`s last Eden!


Aired on: Amazon Prime Video, Sky,, Trend Sports

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