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The Story

“An Elephant Away” takes place in one of Africa’s most iconic landscapes. The Amboseli Eco System where Isiah, a young farmer, and “Three Holes” an elephant matriarch are struggling to coexists in a fragmented landscape.

Isiah is farming tomatoes to send his kids to school and to get out of poverty. But luck isn’t on Isiah’s side. Will he be able to achieve his goal to get out of poverty?

“Three Holes” is also effected by the growing population, land sub-division and a fatal drought. How will she and her family survive in a place where space gets smaller and resources are running out?

The Production

We wanted to do something different in documentary story telling and decided to go for a mixture of narrative blue-chip natural history content and interview driven run’n’gun documentary style. A combination which has been rarely seen before. 


To achieve the blue-chip natural history quality we used car mounted gimbals, high end cinema cameras, time-lapse cameras and high-end audio recording devices. 


Filming for over two years, editing, color grading and audio mixing for more than a year, we are proud of what we have achieved with such a small production team!

The Team

Andreas Knausenberger

Director / DoP / Editor

Nira Shah Knausenberger

Executive Producer / Writer

Lee Smith C.A.S

Production Sound Recordist / Foley

Amima Mwongela


The Cast

An Elephant Away Cast:
Director & Producer:
Andreas Knausenberger
Stuart Duff
Executive Producer:
Nira Shah Knausenberger
Production Company:
Africa Wildlife Productions Ltd.
Production Sound Recordist:
Lee Smith C.A.S
In Distribution
Amima Mwongela
2020 – 2023
Andreas Knausenberger
RED, zCam, Panasonic
Andreas Knausenberger, Nira Shah Knausenberger
Irix Cine Primes, Sigma, Nikon, Tokina
Gary Mwai, Nira Shah Knausenberger, Dieter Knausenberger, Rob Böhm, Esther Wainaina
Amboseli National Park, Kimana Sanctuary, Isineti
Serge Pavkin
Veaceslav Dragano
David Morton
Beneath The Mountain
Roland Bingaman
C.K. Martin
Tristan Barton
Laurel Violet
Caleb Etheridge
Sid Acharya
Shahead Mostafafar
Eleven Kingdoms
In support of:
Community Wildlife Fund
Big Life Foundation
Amboseli Trust for Elephants
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