Kenya's Wildlife Film

Production Company

We offer pre- and postproduction services, licensing,

camera and drone operators, film vehicles and ground handling services!

Our Services

Wildlife Film Crew

We have experienced, inhouse wildlife camera operators as well an Emmy nominated production sound recordist in our team.

Drones & Operators

We have our inhouse KCAA licensed Kenyan Drone Operators and can assist with drone permits all over Kenya. We can also arrange licenses for KWS National Parks.

RED V-Raptor 8k VV

We own a brand new RED V-Raptor 8k VV. Including different lenses from 18 to 600mm as well as a whole production kit with matte boxes, mount adapters etc.


Over the last fifteen years, we have gained a detailed knowledge about Kenya's wildlife. You can benefit from our knowledge during your pre production phase.

Filming 4x4 vehicles

We have a fleet of custom built filming vehicles equiped with balcony doors, roof hatches, sliders, mounting poles and four 100 Ah deep cycle batteries

Ground Handling

Due to our good contacts in the tourism industry, we can arrange accommodation, domestic flights and transfers in all parts of Kenya.

Post Production Services

We have our inhouse post production unit which can help you with DIT, editing, sound recording (ADS) and color grading.

Reactive Shoot

As we have our full production team here in Kenya, we have a very fast reaction time and can produce any wildlife content within days.

Clients / Aired on

A few words about us and what we do...

We started off in 2020, where innovative and experienced wildlife film makers decided to found “Africa Wildlife Productions Ltd”. With more than fifteen years of knowledge in wildlife filmmaking, we wanted to offer more to international production crews. Our camera crew and drone pilots have years of experience in the field and can assist your production team on the ground on any camera system (RED, Sony, zCam etc.). We have special built 4×4 film cars with camera doors, sliders, mounting options for tripods and gimbal systems. As a Kenyan company, we know our country in and out. We offer scouting services and pre production research within the whole of Kenya.


Please get in touch with us if you are planning to film Kenya’s beautiful wildlife. We are more than happy to assist you on the ground!

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